What is the state of mind to adopt in order to use new technologies effectively

by bold-lichterman

In a now digital and connected world, has the state of mind of individuals around new technologies adapted to the major changes that have resulted from the arrival of digital technology in our societies? For Eddie Obeng, who created “The Virtual Business School” online school 25 years ago, this state of mind is far from ideal for the time being. “The main takeaway message is that people don’t really think right about technology.», He affirms on the occasion of the conference ICU held in Paris at the end of June.

In his eyes, most citizens around the world and businesses are still locked into too traditional patterns and out of step with the current times. “Thinking of technology as a way to save money or replace jobs with robots is a bad mindsetEddie Obeng notes.

According to him, it is essential to define the needs and objectives upstream before choosing the most suitable technology. He believes that there are too many leaders who invest in new technologies without understanding their usefulness. “When the world goes faster, you have to change the learning models», He explains. And to raise a question: “How can we use technology to transform ordinary people into super humans?

Founder: Eddie Obeng

Creation: 1992

Activity: online school

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