What is good SEO training?

by bold-lichterman

Since there is hardly any specialized course in natural referencing, candidates turn to private SEO training. Except that it is anything but easy, in 2016, to choose a quality education in this field. Your best bet is to answer this basic question first: What exactly is good SEO training?

SEO training, okay, but what is SEO?

Having become essential in a world dominated by the use of the web, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists of a set of actions that meet certain standards, and whose goal is to position a website as best as possible on the results pages of search engine. This positioning is acquired by targeting the key words and expressions expressed by Internet users at the time of their requests.

To properly index a site, search engines need it to be well optimized according to a list of ethical rules imposed by them. The goal is always to satisfy the user and respond to his requests with relevant results. If the Internet user, for example, seeks to know the definition of SEO training, and you have the best site talking about this subject on the Internet, optimization comes down to signaling to the search engine how your pages correspond to the better at the request of the user. You have to convince the engine that your site is “the” answer that the Internet user expects.

SEO concentrates the tools that will allow you to get the message across to the search engine – knowing that a hundred factors are involved in an SEO strategy. Suffice to say that learning this on your own is like making this face:

SEO training 1

Why take SEO training?

Creating an “SEO friendly” site means ensuring that it displays relevant and well-optimized content with respect to the rules laid down by search engines, but avoiding that it becomes “over-optimized”. An over-optimized site is like a cake that’s too sweet: it’s inedible. If this red line is crossed, the search engine can crack down and penalize you, or worse, put your site on a blacklist from which it will be difficult to get out.

In short, getting started in SEO is like setting off on a mountain that is deemed difficult. With the right skills and a lot of patience, you will be able to reach the top and achieve glory. But if you go for it anyhow, without preparation, without the necessary tools, thinking that there is no reason not to get there since others have done it before you, you risk the best of you. hurt, at worst falling from a great height.

And how do you get the right tools to climb this mountain in the best conditions? By having followed a good SEO training!

SEO training 2

How do you know what good SEO training is?

A good learning of SEO strategies, such as that of Eskimoz training, is defined in three points: personalized teaching; quality instructors; accessible and understandable courses.

Personalized training

The best SEO training is one that is delivered in a small group, so that it is personalized. Do you remember your classes at the university, in these amphitheatres with several hundred seats? Imagine for a moment, in such conditions, to learn to master concepts as complex as those of SEO. “Impossible” may not be French, but the word does exist in computer language.

Not only is learning easier when it concerns only a small number of participants, but in addition, its personalization allows you to leave with, in hand, an SEO strategy ready to be put in place right after the SEO training.

Experienced trainers

The best SEO trainers have real experience in the field, with clients that they have positioned at best for the long term. Instructors who know the strategies to put in place to make you climb the pages of search engine results. Who know how to avoid (or bypass, if necessary) penalties, such as Google Panda or Google Penguin.

That’s not all. A good SEO trainer is also up to date with the latest news, developments and rules. If you ask your trainer to explain how Colibri works and they start to mimic the song of this bird, you can have legitimate concerns.

Educational training

It’s all well and good to have a talented trainer, but if you don’t understand what he’s talking about or if he talks about SEO as fast as Quentin Tarantino from the movies, you might be left on the sidelines. Especially with all this technical jargon sprinkled with references to the html tags essential for quality SEO.

A good SEO training must be accessible and understandable. It must also be adapted to what you want to learn: the basics of SEO? Practical techniques like on-site / off-site SEO or netlinking? Updates to SEO strategies? Advanced skills?

In short, quality SEO training is learning that guides you in the right direction. And especially not a TGV launched at full speed to which you have to hang on.

SEO training 3

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