What I remember from my two days at CES in Las Vegas

by bold-lichterman

In order to share these two days at CES with you, here is a summary of the technologies encountered and current trends.

Let’s start with an anthology of new technos that marked me:

3D holograms, Fingerprint padlock, ironing cupboard, rolling keyboard, smart parasol, 3D printed violin, induction table, luggage that follows you like a grown-up, wireless charger, window cleaning robot, 360 and 4K camera, 5G, Quick Charge 5 min for 5 hours of battery, virtual reality headset with 5 senses and wireless, very augmented reality, connected table football, robotized cappuccino arm, salad growing in your kitchen, mirror TV screen or ever flatter and more real table, Very intelligent and far-sighted fridge, robots of all kinds, automatic detection of individuals and movements, voice control of all objects, first steps of interactions by the brain, induction phone chargers, metal 3D printer, bed that adapts its shape your sleep… We can’t stop innovation in all areas.

In my eyes, several major trends have emerged:

1-Artificial intelligence will be everywhere in our personal and professional lives

IA: Artificial intelligence, that was the buzz word of the show. All the objects had to have intelligence in high doses, and a good learning capacity. The machine learns faster and faster to try to make the best decision… for you?

Some surprising examples of applications:

  • Alarm clock which decides when you have regenerated enough energy and which adapts your schedule.

  • Bed that detects your presence and adapts its shape to your position or snoring.

  • Fridge that anticipates the expiration of food and offers recipes

  • Parasol that adapts to the position of the sun

2-Goodbye the phone, hello the voice!

I thought for a while that the telephone would be the central interface to control its entire environment. It was to be the remote control of the future, it is replaced by the voice. And the big winner everyone is talking about didn’t even have a stand but was present everywhere: Amazon Eco, with its voice assistant Alexa.

Few companies hadn’t built an app around Alexa. Voice recognition is now almost total.

With Alexa, voice can now:

  • Control any type of media

  • Manage all objects with the notion of date and time

  • Make to do and shopping list

  • Track news and weather

  • Buy

  • Search in Google mode

  • Do mathematical calculation

Finally, the who / what / where / how… is available to your voice.

A word of advice: don’t call your daughter Alexa in 2017, it could create funny scenes!

3-Everything that is not connected becomes has been

Connected insole and T-shirt, connected home, connected car, connected pen … All your imagination has no limit to connection, to make man a connected and augmented man.

This generates a wealth of new data available.

This generates many questions regarding data ownership …

4-Robots will change every moment of our life

The automation of the world is fast approaching. After hours of walking in the aisles of the living room, I dreamed of a cappuccino. And there, appears in front of me, a robotic arm serving me the best coffee!

I turn around, and I see an autonomous window cleaning robot that comes to challenge the vacuum robot. Robotics is no longer a gadget and a super toy. It will revolutionize all industries, without any exceptions. These robots look more and more like humans and learn at high speed. Robotic applications concerning personal services are numerous: pill robot, massage robot, conversational robot, security robot, robot for young and old children …

5-Transport revolution

I didn’t spend much time in the living room on the transport part, which is going through a real revolution.

Disappearance of the driver, car that recognizes you, learning about passenger needs, anticipating accidents and improving safety, automating actions, voice commands of all kinds, take-off platform for drones… this is what the car of the future will look like.

For me, the best news from CES is that the user experience, while in its infancy, is already everywhere. UX / UI experiences have to be built, reinvented, and optimized.


Jonathan cherki is the CEO of ContentSquare.

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