What can we expect from the iPhone 5?

by bold-lichterman

San Francisco, today, 5:00 p.m. Apple is expected to present its sixth generation iPhone, unofficially dubbed iPhone 5 and overdue for months. What the iPhone 5 should look like has fueled a lot of rumors on the web regarding its design, new features, price, etc. But what can we really expect from this new smartphone?

What can we expect from the iPhone 5

This should, at first glance, look like the 4 and 4S models in every way. Yet, according to prototypes and images released recently, the device is 9mm taller, lighter and thinner. Its speaker grilles would be transformed and placed differently, and the FaceTime camera would have migrated directly above the enclosure. Its charger, too, should be smaller (by 50%) and thinner than the previous ones, allowing a faster transfer to USB 3. Finally, its headphones should also benefit from a new design.

Now let’s move on to the new features offered. In addition to the new interfaces for calendar, contacts, maps and other applications, here are the 5 big new features that you can expect:

  • A sweep ofdigital print to unlock the screen, directly on the smartphone’s home button.
  • The arrival ofiOS6, which will rework the design of the applications and should above all fully integrate Twitter and Facebook, optimizing the use of social networks.
  • An application SIRI even more powerful, which can recommend restaurants, sports clubs or even films to its users, according to their requests. Apple is said to be in partnership with Yelp, so that Siri can give details and prices of restaurants when asked where we can eat. The company is also in partnership with OpenTable which would make it possible to reserve a table directly with SIRI. Finally, the wizard could now be available in other languages.
  • A new application ” Passbook“: A sort of digital wallet containing all loyalty cards, coupons, plane tickets, etc.
    The application will thus be able to display your loyalty card when you arrive in a store, thanks to geolocation, and will even warn you of flight delays if you have stored a plane ticket there.

Other rumors about new iPhone features are still making their way, but seem implausible: the appearance of humidity, altitude and mood sensors in the device. While waiting for Apple’s presentation this evening in San Francisco, here is an (official?) Video of the product, surely hacked.