What Big Data can bring to SMEs

by bold-lichterman

How to help French SMEs to adapt to the era of Big data? While a number of companies now base their economic model on data analysis, many French SMEs are still struggling to take advantage of this data.

On the public power side, in 2013, the former Minister of Productive Recovery Arnaud Montebourg had nevertheless registered the “Big data plan” among the 34 plans of New industrial France. This aimed in particular at helping start-ups to access data and infrastructures.

At the time, the Big Data plan of 2013 estimated the sector’s turnover in France at 9 billion euros by 2020, and at 137,000 the number of potential jobs, in the 2015 version of the plan. These data concern all sectors: marketing, but also industry, distribution, finance, health and agriculture. In the United States, for example, Google invested in May 2015 in Farmers Business Network, a company that is developing a platform for sharing and analyzing data for farmers.

Better predict to govern

In all sectors, one of the main challenges of Big data is that of prediction. However, “63% of SMEs surveyed by Aremus & Associés do not yet use modeling technology; and 70% of these SMEs are interested in Big Data technologies ”, explains Bpifrance.

“Predictive technologies were born thirty years ago in the major energy, automotive or space industries, but with the digital transformation of companies, these technologies (models, algorithms & data) now apply to all sectors, and in particular to SMEs who can find predictive solutions to help them be more efficient and even transform the experience of their customers ”, Etienne de Rocquigny, Founding President of Aremus & Associés.

How is Big data transforming business models? How can they adapt? How are France and its SMEs positioned in this market?

To find out more, Bpifrance is organizing the Tuesday 3 November a conference on the theme: “SMEs taking on Big data”. Among the topics discussed: “How Big Data is transforming the world?”, “Where are French SMEs really?”.

The day will also give way to networking sessions and debates with Francois Bourdoncle, from FB & Cie – “Data economy” sector plan, or Franck Le Ouay, co-founder of Criteo and founder of Honestica, an e-health start-up.

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