What are the connected advertising gifts to offer to its customers?

by bold-lichterman

Advertising by object is the oldest media or means of communication: more than 200 years according to experts. Today our traditional communication media through the object are: pens, calendars, calculators, personalized wine boxes, etc. are about to be overwhelmed by the arrival of a multitude of accessories revolving around our smartphones and tablets. Consumers are in fact very much in demand for cases and supports for smartphones, covers and styluses for tablets, watches and speakers, among other goodies from this new galaxy.

According to Gartner, the American research and consultancy company, connected objects will number 25 billion in 2020. This new “IoT” communication space for the Internet of things is seeing the emergence of a new ecosystem, with its opportunities and weaknesses, as shown by the recent cyberattack, of which connected objects were the relay in spite of themselves.

For a few years now, we have seen “connected objects” appear in our daily lives. But connected to what or to whom will you tell me? To our smartphones and tablets mainly, through the proximity wireless connection, known as “Bluetooth” (name inspired by the nickname of a Viking king, but that is another story ..).

So what are the “connected advertising gifts” that can be offered to customers?

First, the speakers which will be the (wireless) extension of our smart devices. Ideal for entertaining a small cocktail with friends or listening to a real clear sound during the shower. The available models are already plethora, from anodized aluminum, to retro design, passing the more imposing stations or which light up in multiple colors.


Then comes the top of the ranking the essential connected watch or bracelet, which allows you to measure your activities, sleep, steps thanks to the pedometer function and the calories burned for minimum service! This new “connected friend” never leaves us even at night in our privacy! The more athletic among us have already adopted it for some time, this object is democratizing at great speed. Who can imagine what it will be able to do tomorrow?


Then the first connected cameras appear. Thanks to the Wifi network deployed in our homes, these smart cameras are equipped with an integrated microphone and speaker allowing video in real time. Suffice to say that we are in connected home automation V.2.0!

Having become a very fashionable accessory among generations of teenagers, the wireless headset can also be connected! No more tangled wires: the source of your favorite music may be several meters away from you.

Do not ignore personalized emergency chargers or powerbanks which also see the arrival of a wireless version, with the induction charger. No need to have your cable to charge your precious smartphone, thanks to the wireless charging technology known as “Qi” (energy transmission). To be interesting, they must be compatible with a minimum of phone models, such as this one which can charge iPhoneTM 5 and 6 and Android® via the micro USB port.


Another customizable goodies just waiting to be “connected” is the Key Finder and Selfie Trigger. This allows you to instantly find your car, house or purse key ring. This small remote control will also allow you to remotely trigger your precious selfies to elegantly replace selfie poles.


Finally, the latest technology in the service of corporate gifts for the end of 2016, the car charger with wireless headset! The built-in earpiece is charged while riding and is ultra-convenient due to its modest size. The device uses Bluetooth 4.1 which ensures easy connection and perfect sound quality. The charger top allows you to easily place the headset in the docking station for charging. The charger is suitable for all cell phones. We can bet that this nugget will become one of the essential connected objects of our daily life.


The Internet of Objects (IoT) is a real growth lever for companies, at the crossroads of digital, industry and commerce. Like the Googles GlassesTM or the Apple WatchTM, let’s bet that all the objects of our daily life will not end up being “connected”: our fridges already are, new cars newly registered as well, our homes are seeing the arrival of home automation… Tomorrow it will be our bags, our textiles, our umbrellas, etc. to a 100% connected city dweller. Our children will probably wonder how the objects around us could not be “connected”.


Graduated from EDHEC Business School in 2000, Anton Hassoun started his career in Sophia-Antipolis as Product Manager for Right Vision, specialist in Internet Aplliances, since acquired by Alcatel.

He then joined the family business France Import Production, of which he took over the reins in 2012. He developed the Catalog Management services and the FIP object PUB brands, for a communicating advertising object and FIP the PUB USB key, portal for personalized USB keys and connected objects.


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