WeLink raises 4.2 million euros from OneRagtime

by bold-lichterman

Many liberal professions and freelancers are not lucky enough to have found their Doctolib and do not yet have the solution to find their clients on the Internet.This was the observation of Charles Passereau, already confronted before with this problem with Mon-avocat.fr, and Kevin Goncalves at the beginning of the year on the occasion of the announcement of the fundraising of 1.5 million d euros for WeLink, their company which publishes platforms for people exercising a liberal profession. Since then, the Covid-19 crisis has passed through there and it has considerably accelerated the digitization of the professions of the self-employed and freelancers experiencing difficulties in developing their activities and gaining visibility online.

To support these professionals (construction, accountants, lawyers, communication agencies, etc.) in this sense, the French start-up has just completed a round of funding of 4.2 million euros led by OneRagtime, a venture capital fund launched by Stéphanie Hospital and Jean-Marie Messier. Takara Capital, as well as business angels, such as Thomas Rebaud (Meero) and Jonathan Benhamou (PeopleDoc), also participated in the transaction.

Charles Passereau, co-founder and CEO of WeLink, explains the challenges and ambitions behind this fundraising:

After Europe, heading for America and profitability

Present in eight countries in Europe (France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Ireland), the company intends to rely on this funding to move up a gear internationally by deploying across the Atlantic in three countries: Brazil, Mexico and Canada. Three countries in which the independents and the liberals are confronted with problems just as important as in Europe. In this context, WeLink will launch tools and platforms to enable them to generate leads and facilitate the conversion of prospects. For each country and vertical addressed, the company is developing a dedicated platform, i.e. around twenty specialized platforms to date.

Claiming more than 3,500 independent and liberal on its platforms, WeLink has set itself the goal of reaching more than 11,000 professionals with its services by the end of 2021. To achieve this, the company will recruit more than 800 new employees over three years (60 in 2020, 250 in 2021 and 500 in 2022), while not losing sight of profitability, expected by 2021. In addition to international expansion, this wave of recruitments should also make it possible to put new vertical.

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WeLink: the key data

Founders: Charles Passereau and Kevin Goncalves
Creation: 2018
The head office : Paris
Sector: Marketing
Activity: SaaS solution for digitizing liberal professions and freelance professions

Funding: 4.2 million euros with OneRagtime in December 2020 …