Webedia gets its hands on MyPoseo, SaaS editor

by bold-lichterman

The group Webedia announces that it has acquired a majority stake in MyPoseo, in order to integrate it with Webedia Technologies. The transaction amount was not sent.

Created in 2010, MyPoseo provides a SaaS solution that allows media and brands to monitor their SEO referencing and determine their content strategy. This tool is aimed both at SEO experts, as part of their strategy and their daily optimizations, but also at marketing departments to monitor their positioning as well as the associated opportunities.

Integration into the Webedia group will allow us to change dimension and accelerate our positioning with brands. We are going to step up the development of innovative features by relying on the expertise of the Webedia teams, in particular by addressing the needs of brands by area (beauty, travel, video games, etc.). Our tools are already used by more than 100 key account customers and we will rely on the group to accelerate our international development», Says Alexandre Sigoigne, co-founder of MyPoseo.

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