Webedia + BlaBlaCar + Delair-Tech = INSIDERS

by bold-lichterman

  • Idinvest withdraws from the capital of Webedia.
  • BlaBlaCar exposed to a fine in Spain.
  • Delair-Tech continues to take off with the acquisition of Gatewing.
  • Gemalto is teaming up with Alibaba to position itself in the Chinese IoT market.
  • The number of the day: Young African Americans spend 2 hours more than the average millennial on their computer each week.
  • The image of the day: “micro-moments” at the heart of m-commerce.
  • Today’s budget: Disneyland Paris entrusts the overhaul of its recruitment site to Insign.
  • The nominations of the day: NetBooster, NRJ Mobile…
  • Online workshop: Better engage your visitors thanks to push marketing.
    October 20, 2016 at 11 a.m., with AB Tasty.

Cedric SiréPresent since 2008 alongside Webedia, Idinvest has decided to sell its shares in the media group to Fimalac. The holding company, headed by Marc Ladriet de Lacharrière, had bought Webedia in May 2013. To date, the digital media company (Allociné, PurePeople, Jeuxvidéos.com…) claims more than 27 million unique visitors per month in France.

According to Idinvest, the sale of its shares in Webedia makes it possible to increase the value of the group by Cedric Siré (opposite) to 740 million euros.

Frederic_Mazzella_BlaBlaCarThis is a first for BlaBlaCar. The French carpooling platform is being continued in Spain, a country in which it has been established since 2010, for “transport of passengers without a license”. Two drivers using BlaBlaCar are thus the subject of an administrative procedure in the Madrid region which could lead to fines.

According to the Spanish authorities, the financial contribution requested by the two drivers from their passengers for the trips was higher than the cost of transport, which includes gasoline and tolls. Depending on the region, this cannot exceed 19 euro cents per kilometer. However, the two mis en cause exceeded this threshold.

Faced with this incident, BlaBlaCar took their defense by specifying that the regulatory threshold was 28 euro cents per kilometer. The two prosecuted drivers are suspected of having received an illegal profit, which could lead to a fine of 4,000 euros.

For its part, the platform of Frédéric Mazzella is subject to an administrative sanction which could result in a fine of 8,800 euros, for having made possible the “provision of a transport service without a license”. BlaBlaCar claims 35 million users in twenty countries around the world. In Spain, the platform has more than three million users.

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AirThe Toulouse start-up Delair-Tech, positioned in the professional drone market, has just concluded the acquisition of Gatewing, the drone subsidiary of the American Trimble based in Belgium. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. On this occasion, Delair-Tech also signed a strategic agreement with Trimble to become its preferred supplier of drone solutions. Based in Toulouse, the start-up Delair-Tech is also established in Paris, Los Angeles and Sydney.

With this acquisition, the Toulouse-based company is pursuing its strategy aimed at consolidating its position in the professional drone market. “Currently, the drone market is in full consolidation, and it is now that the leading positions of tomorrow are being taken.“, Explain Michaël de Lagarde, co-founder and president of Delair-Tech. The acquisition of Gatewing brings the Delair-Tech workforce to 100 people in total, with the integration of technical staff from the Trimble subsidiary. This acquisition comes one month after that of Eukréa Electromatique, a company specializing in on-board electronics.

GemaltoThe digital security specialist Gemalto announced a collaboration program with Alibaba, through its IoT YunOS operating system. As part of this partnership, Gemalto will provide the Chinese e-commerce giant with access to its secure services hub Allynis, intended to promote the deployment of payment applications and other secure services on mobile.

This agreement allows the Dutch multinational to gain a foothold in the Chinese IoT market. “In recent years, the Chinese market has been bursting with innovation, and Alibaba is one of the most active pioneers in this area.“, Explain Suzanne Tong-Li, president of Greater China and Korea at Gemalto. According to the Gartner firm, 20.8 billion IoT devices will be used across the world by 2020.

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Portrait of fashionable African brunette female with Afro haircut using high-speed Internet connection at cafe, checking her news feed with joyful smile, sitting at cafe with cup of coffee on tableThe 11.5 million African-American millennials are one of the digital powerhouses in the United States, according to the results of the study “Young, Connected and Black: African-American Millennials Are Driving Social Change and Leading Digital Advancement», Produced by Nielsen. With a global purchasing power of 162 billion dollars, these ultra-connected young people have a strong power of influence vis-à-vis Tech brands.

First lesson of the study, the probability that they are among the first of their friends or colleagues to test a new technological product is 25% higher than other millennials. Another observation is that 55% of African Americans say they spend an hour or more on social networks, which is 6% more than all millennials. In terms of content consumption too, they are above the average of their generation: they spend 33 hours per week watching live videos and replay videos. That’s 12 and a half hours longer than average. Finally, they spend on average two hours more per week on their computer than the average millennial.

Almost half of mobile users use their mobile to find out about a brand, and nearly a third of them use it to make an online purchase, if we are to believe data taken from the agency. JVWeb in his infographic, “Micro-moments at the heart of the mobile customer journey“.

Half of the French therefore want to be able to buy at any time, and 80% of them have already taken advantage of a moment of relaxation to buy a product or service. Indeed, when we talk about m-commerce, we quickly think of “micro-moments”, these very short moments during which an Internet user will use his phone to search for information, locate a place, or even perform an act. purchase.


disney-careersDisneyland Paris has entrusted the redesign of its new site recruitment to Insign, in order to best promote the brand, and offer a more qualitative experience to candidates.

Ergonomics, digital charter, design: the agency supported the brand throughout the project. Launched last week, the new site has more than 50,000 visitors and more than 310,000 page views.

Thomas-Armbruster-netboosterThomas Armbruster becomes Managing Director at NetBooster

NetBooster appointed a new general manager, Thomas Armbruster. It is currently the agency’s COO. He had joined the company six years ago.

Nicolas Meunier becomes head of communication at Euro-Information Telecom / NRJ Mobile

nicolas-meunierFormer digital new business manager at Havas Media, Nicolas Meunier is now responsible for communication for the count ofEuro-Information Telecom / NRJ Mobile.

A graduate of the University of Strasbourg, he began his career at Havas Sports & Entertainment, where he will be customer manager before joining the Havas Media teams in 2012.

Audrey Pharamont Dit D’Costa becomes Head of CRM, PR & Social Media at Rue du Commerce

audrey-pharamontFormer director of digital CRM, brand & communication at Viadeo, Audrey Pharamont Dit D’Costa joined the teams of Shopping street as Head of CRM, PR & Social Media.

Audrey Pharamont Dit D’Costa started her career as a project manager before joining 1000mercis as an interactive marketing manager. She will be product marketing manager at Viadeo before taking responsibility for digital CRM.

Frédéric Chevance becomes Senior Advisor at Spicee

frederic-chevanceFormer board member at EmpathyBroker, Frédéric Chevance becomes Senior Advisor at Spicee, online video media dedicated to major reports.

After starting his career at Air France as Head of Partnerships, then at Canal + as Marketing Manager, Frédéric Chevance continued to join the Telfonica teams in marketing functions. Subsequently, he was notably responsible for corporate communication at Telson, and director for France at Fox International Channels.

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