Web development: Platform.sh traces its way from France to the United States

by bold-lichterman

In its sector, Platform.sh, which offers a cloud platform for hosting web applications, finds itself in particular against American players. However, the company founded in 2014 by Ori Pekelman, Damien Tournoud and Fred Plais succeeded in standing out and today has nearly 200 employees. His other tour de force? Achieve more than half of its turnover in the United States, where the French have for example convinced a group like Johnson & Johnson and its galaxy of websites to use its platform-as-a service.

How have the needs of these clients evolved in terms of web development? “In recent years, we have seen that the protection of privacy and data has become crucial. Which leads to a need for centralization. Except that everyone is also in a hyper competitive market. However, when we centralize everything, when we add more and more control, we go very slowly. So the whole idea is to provide a solution that combines the two. We allow them to go faster, to develop with modern methods, while having a ‘little box’ of compliance in which they know it fits.Says Ori Pekelman, co-founder of Platform.sh, based in Paris and which also has an office in San Francisco.

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L’interview par thème

00.50: Spin-off de Commerce Guys, retour sur le contexte de création de Platform.sh

03.15: À quoi ressemble la plateforme aujourd'hui

06.05: Une cible de clientèle qui va aujourd’hui bien au-delà des plateformes e-commerce

09.09: Des clients qui doivent allier protection des données & rapidité d'exécution

10.11: Quel business model?

11.39:  De Kubernetes à AWS, Platform.sh a trouvé sa place

13.47: Platform.sh se développe sur "un triple modèle" 

15.02: À quoi ont servi les 28 millions d’euros levés en mai 2018?

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