[We Love Entrepreneurs] Thierry Petit (Showroomprive) “In France, there is a lack of tools to motivate employees”

by bold-lichterman

Created in 2006 by Thierry Petit and David Dayan, Private showroom is now considered a French success story. The company claims 25 million members, and a net turnover of 443 million euros for the year 2015.

Thierry Petit looks back on the beginnings of the adventure, and on what prompted him to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure very early on: “I wanted to lead my life, I absolutely did not want to be told what to do: I have a bad temper. Quite naturally, I created my first young club, at 25, when I left school. I did not see myself being an employee.“.

Problem of access to financing, lack of tools to motivate employees: the entrepreneur also explains what, according to him, is lacking in France to create high-growth companies.

SEE the interview with Thierry Petit, co-founder of Showroomprivé, conducted by Frenchweb on the occasion of the documentary We Love Entrepreneurs: