[We Love Entrepreneurs] Richard Ollier: “The entrepreneur is there to take blows and continue to smile”

by bold-lichterman

During the holidays, FrenchWeb invites you to find key interviews from the documentary We Love Entrepreneurs.

With a chemical engineering degree in hand, Richard Ollier was not really predestined to create a 360 ° camera hardware start-up. And yet, rather than being hired in a large group, he chose to set up his business: Giroptic.

In 2008, he began by marketing a 360 ° camera for real estate professionals. The product is of interest to other trades and little by little the company is pivoting to adapt its offer to these new markets.

“To be an entrepreneur, you don’t have to be normal. You have to be a big fool, you have to take risks. Every day, it’s a game of poker ”he explained to the team of FrenchWeb during the filming of the documentary We Love Entrepreneurs.