[We Love Entrepreneurs] Jean-Louis Bénard (Brainsonic) “The founder of OVH is for me THE benchmark for French entrepreneurs”

by bold-lichterman

Created in 2003 in Paris, Brainsonic is an agency specializing in content marketing and social media.

Interviewed on the occasion of the documentary We Love Entrepreneurs, Jean-Louis Bénard, co-founder of Brainsonic, explains what, according to him, are the qualities necessary to be an entrepreneur: “The entrepreneur who inspired me the most is the boss of OVH. He succeeded in building a company with an intelligence in the management of financing (…). It is the model of the hyper involved, hyper operational, low profile entrepreneur who has built an extraordinary business internationally, without playing the big guns. ”.

SEE the interview with Jean-Louis Bénard, Brainsonic co-founder, conducted by Frenchweb on the occasion of the documentary We Love Entrepreneurs: