[We Love Entrepreneurs] Ilan Abehassera (Insensi): “Silicon Valley start-ups are disconnected from reality”

by bold-lichterman

After reselling Producteev, his first company to Jive Software in 2012, Ilan Abehassera will invest for two years in several companies as a business angel (Sunrise, Algolia or Festicket), before co-founding his second company, Foolish. The start-up, specializing in hardware, wants to reinvent the fixed telephone, and make it a new means of communication between generations.

Interviewed by Frenchweb on the occasion of the documentary We Love Entrepreneurs, the expatriate entrepreneur and investor in the United States delivers his vision of entrepreneurship across the Atlantic: “The difference between Silicon Valley and New York for a start-up is much bigger than I thought. (…) The boxes that are set up in the valley are very innovative, but very little is said about the business model. We are generally interested in the millions of users, and we will see what happens. Entrepreneurs are not close to reality (…) but it is also what means that it is in Silicon Valley that companies like Facebook will be born.“.

SEE the interview with Ilan Abehassera, co-founder Insensi, conducted by Frenchweb on the occasion of the documentary We Love Entrepreneurs: