[We Love Entrepreneurs] Charles Christory (Adictiz): “The comfort zone of the entrepreneur should not be too long”

by bold-lichterman

Created in 2009, Adictiz enables brands to create marketing games to recruit, engage and convert their audience. The Lille-based company claims more than 1,700 campaigns launched by more than 170 brands last year. In 2012, the company raised 2 million euros.

As part of his documentary We Love Entrepreneurs, FrenchWeb met Charles Christory, one of the founders of Adictiz. The latter looks back on the genesis of the project and its first stages: a pivot on the starting concept after a few months, perseverance until finding an idea that has potential (this is the case with the game Pat the dog), then the search for the first financing.

SEE the interview with Charles Christory, co-founder of Adictiz, conducted by FrenchWeb on the occasion of the documentary We Love Entrepreneurs :