[We Love Entrepreneurs] At 42 “We take away the teachers so that the kids can create their own way”

by bold-lichterman

Created in 2013 by Xavier Niel, Nicolas Sadirac, Florian Bucher and Kwame Yamgnane, theSchool 42 wishes to offer an alternative to the current education system for talents who do not find their place there, by allowing them to train in IT professions.

Why did you launch this school of a new kind? “We believe that the current school system is not adapted to the world in which we will live tomorrow. (…) The current system was designed to bring people into the industry (…). In the digital world, the idea is not to succeed in making a million cars per year, (…) the goal of the game is to succeed in inventing a million Facebooks per year. The school was not made for this.»Explains Kwame Yamgnane. The entrepreneur returns, for Frenchweb, on the pedagogical principles implemented in the School 42.

SEE the interview with Kwame Yamgnane, co-founder of Ecole 42, conducted by Frenchweb on the occasion of the documentary We Love Entrepreneurs: