We found the adapter to charge your iPhone 7 and continue listening

by bold-lichterman

Those who are on the plane or on the train listening to their music playlists can be reassured. While the new iPhone 7 unveiled this week by Apple eliminates the wearing of headphones (jack), we learn about The Verge that there is a plan B. All those who already saw themselves choosing between plugging in their earphones, or charging their phone on the same port would not have to choose in the end. They will be able to do both at the same time, using an adapter from the Belkin brand, with which Apple has shared its license.

In his presentation this week, Apple fans were amazed to find that the earpiece tip was the same as the charging cable. This unique Lightning plug must actually, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, allow Apple to regain power over technology.

In fact, from the jack port, you could not only connect headphones, but also other electronic listening equipment (speakers, secondary devices, etc.). Tim Cook would have thus clearly chosen to take control of the modes of listening to the contents, by adding a mandatory Apple adapter (the new Lighnting). With this exclusive listening for Apple, it also becomes easier to negotiate with the major music majors on DRM (Digital Rights Management).

The other explanation is also that of alternative listening in bluetooth, with wireless headphones. Products that Apple are already developing, thus more clearly leading other manufacturers of headphones and earphones in its wake. Towards a wireless world, that of IoT and connected uses.

Between the phone and the charging-headphone jack, Apple has therefore designed a 3.5mm Lightning adapter, sold for 9 euros if the owner of the iPhone 7 misplaces the original one. And to avoid any dilemma between listening and charging, Apple, which has already integrated Belkin into its accessories (especially with an Apple Watch charging station), will sell the adapter “ Lightning Audio + Charge RockStarFor 40 dollars.


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