Walldress, an interactive shopping boutique, launches its mobile version

by bold-lichterman

Walldress, the “social dress code” site, has just launched its mobile version, compatible with the main iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices.

Walldress an interactive shopping boutique launches its mobile version

Launched in January 2011, WallDress offers a clickable video experience based on the looks of stars and fashion icons via hundreds of video clips dedicated to interactive shopping. In total, the site lists around a hundred personalities (Kate Moss, Kanye West, the Gossip Girls…) filmed during official events (fashion week, festivals, inaugurations…). From its platform, Walldress thus directs Internet users to merchant sites that market products identical or similar to those worn by people.

The WebApp mobile version allows access most of the multimedia content on the site. A more advanced version is under development and should be officially launched within a few weeks. In particular, it will make it possible to interact with the content, to post photos from a mobile, and above all to carry out shopping directly.

Founded by three young entrepreneurs, aged 25 to 27, the site created a first fundraising of € 120,000 last March in love money and with professional poker players.

Almost a year after its launch, Walldress claims:

  • 15,000 members
  • 5,000 photo looks posted by his community
  • 200,000 products listed on 40 partner merchant sites (Asos, Monshowroom, etc.)