“VSEs and SMEs have been moving with digital technology since the start of the crisis”

by bold-lichterman

Jean-Luc Raymond from FranceNum.gouv.fr introduces us to the best initiatives of VSEs and SMEs in terms of digital transformation. Today, special column “what happened to them?” “. In other words, we were interested in the path of VSE-SME companies that we have been talking about since last April… And the least we can say is that they have moved with digital since then!

The start-up Axomove was created by a masseur-physiotherapist who practices in private: Pierre-Yves
Carlier, based in Loos in the North. In recent years, he has developed an online physiotherapy exercise platform Axomove with one of his patients, a former professional handball player.

Since the start of the epidemic, he has offered it free of charge to all physiotherapists in support of their teleconsultations. As part of the Health Innovation Coalition, Axomove announced on November 20 the acceleration of the deployment of its e-health telereeducation platform within the physical medicine and rehabilitation departments of 5 hospitals and universities.

Live videos as a link with customers

Christine Caron is the dynamic owner of the multi-brand ready-to-wear boutique Ma Petite Robe, located rue Saint Lô in Rouen. She relied on humor and self-deprecation in video with a Tiktok account “my little dress”. Her shop was then closed but she thus kept a strong link with her customers via this online channel with a communicative good mood. She launched an online store and therefore an e-shop: mapetiteroberouen.fr where you can buy online.

Bernard Mure-Ravaud is a cheese maker. He is the best worker in France and even better, world champion cheese maker in 2007. He has been living in Grenoble for 35 years, with a shop he owns: Fromagerie Les Alpages. He has created a product that has nothing to envy to beauty boxes or any kind: he is the inventor of the cheese box with a dedicated site laboxfromage.fr, a product he launched in 2018.

With confinement, the best worker in France has reinvented himself and he launched on April 24 for his
subscribers to the cheese box: a live video tasting of his shop with more than a thousand participants, everyone gathered around the same cheese platter well received… We even see him leaving the cold room with a whole ceremonial opening of the great live.

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