VR and haptics: from immersion to the parallel world

by bold-lichterman

Video games keep pushing the virtual limits of the real world. Or the reverse, sometimes we do not know very well. With the arrival of haptic feedback and physical sensations during the game in virtual reality, we should take a new step in immersion.

Celia Hodent, former director of user experience at Ubisoft, LucasArt and Epic Games, is convinced of this. But if this type of use will remain fairly limited in volume and reserved for ultra-specialized gaming rooms, these new interfaces are very interesting for making these technologies accessible to as many people as possible. Because more than making the interfaces disappear at all costs, as we can often hear in the mouths of adepts of man-machine hybridization or more simply of vocal interfaces, Celia is campaigning not to lose the “physical” interface. ‘a mobile or a screen. Also, not to lose control …

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