Voice assistants: the ultimate interface and threat to our privacy?

by bold-lichterman

After the chatbots hype, the new trend is for voice assistants. Popularized by the Amazon Echo and other Google Home, these assistants of a new kind promise to accompany you on a daily basis, at home, in many tasks and for many daily services. Help you manage your schedule, give you the weather forecast, control your playlist, start the coffee machine tomorrow and close your shutters when you go to work.

To be able to function these small connected speakers are in fact splendid cookies which listen to you permanently and can, potentially, send your conversations in the cloud on the servers of Google or Amazon without real transparency. To remedy this Rand Hindi and Snips have the solution. The voice recognition system and the action engine are integrated directly into the object which needs to recognize your voice and why not respond to you.

An ethical conviction that has repercussions on future business in a market that promises to be ultra competitive. Rand explains very clearly here his vision of the challenges for the months and years to come.

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The contributor:

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