[Voeux en ligne] Four ideas for 2012!

by bold-lichterman

According to Rafik Smati, head of the site Dromedary.com, nearly 16M virtual cards should be sent by the French, including 5M via Facebook, on the occasion of the new year. Social networks, iPhone applications, personalized videos… After text messages (over a billion were sent on New Year’s Eve), 2.0 greeting cards are definitely on the rise. FrenchWeb therefore offers you a selection of the latest news and the most offbeat offers.

Already spotted last year, the famous animated cards JibJab are still unanimous. The site always plays the second degree card to the full and offers to overlay the faces of its friends or celebrities, via photos stored on its computer or on Facebook. From the dance of the disco years to that of the Chippendales, through a staging of little elves, the result is totally offbeat and can be shared from Facebook or by email.

Voeux en ligne Four ideas for 2012

We stay in the video with application Facebook Easyhi which allows you to integrate Youtube videos into your greeting cards. It suffices first of all to choose the desired background then a video. The platform already offers a selection of the most popular and appropriate formats for this time of year, but it is also possible to embed any Youtube videos of your choice. The site also proposes to add its own realization from its webcam or a simple music. Once chosen, the file can be resized and placed anywhere on the map. All you have to do is share it on Facebook!

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For € 0.79, iPhone Sterring Cards app allows users to send video greeting cards directly from their smartphone. Several scenarios are already available, then it’s up to you to select photos from your mobile or your Facebook account to paste them directly into the chosen video. These animated cards can then be shared by email or via Facebook.

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Finally, a historical player in the sector, Dromedary, for its part, is counting on a strong comeback of the printed card with wishes to halfway between the virtual and the paper. The idea is therefore to send real greeting cards directly from your computer. The principle is simple: the user has a choice of several hundred customizable models in which he can insert his texts and photos. The card is delivered the next day to the recipient (when the order is placed before noon). Sold at a unit price of € 3.99 all inclusive, these cards can also be scheduled for shipment at a later date.

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From the kitsch card assumed to more classic wishes, the Internet is therefore full of multiple solutions to formulate your wishes for the New Year … It’s up to you to choose the most appropriate format!