Vivendi about to sell Maroc Telecom?

by bold-lichterman

The Vivendi group could, by April, sell the 53% of the capital it currently holds in Maroc Telecom, reports Le Figaro. The capital held by Vivendi would be valued at nearly € 4.5 billion.

Morocco Telecom

Vivendi must indeed get rid of its subsidiaries “Maroc Telecom in Africa and GVT in Brazil to alleviate the debt weighing on SFR”, indicates the daily.

Le Figaro specifies that “against all expectations, the sale of Maroc Telecom could finally be carried out before that of GVT, deemed easier. The operation must however receive the approval of the King of Morocco.

Last December, Vivendi received the approval of the authorities to sell GVT. Among the potential buyers: the American DirecTV which would have offered 5.8 billion € against the 7.3 billion hoped by Vivendi.