Virtual reality: Intel offers the start-up Replay to establish itself in sporting events

by bold-lichterman

Obviously, virtual reality is arousing the enthusiasm of large tech groups. This time, Intel has just bought the Israeli start-up Replay. The amount of the transaction was not communicated, but the daily Globes evokes a transaction at 175 million dollars (approximately 157.1 million euros).

“Immersive” experience

Founded in 2011, Replay develops FreeD, a virtual reality solution that recreates sporting events with synthetic images. The viewer can thus re-watch an action that occurred during a match from a multitude of points of view. This technology had already been used by Intel, in particular as part of an “immersive experience” offered by the American group during the NBA All-Star Weekend.

More than 28 cameras were then installed in a stadium in order to offer sports fans the possibility of watching the match in 360 degrees. On its website, Replay, which has an office in the United States, claims other clients like CBS Sport.

Magic Leap, Oculus Rift …

“Immersive sport requires high performance computing for which Intel is known, and it is also data driven (…). For athletes, coaches, broadcasters and fans, the ability to capture, analyze and share data adds exciting new dimensions to the game, ”says Intel in a blog post.

The announcement comes as other groups focus on virtual reality technologies. In 2014, Facebook had spent $ 2 billion to get its hands on Oculus Rift. More recently, the American start-up Magic Leap would have raised more than 700 million dollars from Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, and Alphabet, the parent company of Google.

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