[Vidéos] Two French talents who caught the eye of the “MIT Technology Review”

by bold-lichterman

The two French winners of the “MIT Technology Review Innovators under 35” competition are now known. It is Nicolas huchet and Xavier Duportet. They succeed Rand Hindi, the co-founder of Snips, who won the competition last year.

They were among the ten finalists * selected after several months of work by a panel of influencers made up of various personalities including Franck Le Ouay, co-founder of Criteo and Raouti Chehih of Euratechnoogies. The three criteria they took into account are the creativity, ingenuity, impact and timeliness of the projects.

The objective of this competition is to discover and reward works which are sources of inspiration and innovative, “capable of revolutionizing the world of technology and business in the near future”. Nicolas Huchet and Xavier Duportet will participate in the European summit of the MIT Technology Review in November 2015, the opportunity to meet the young innovators rewarded in Belgium, Poland, Italy, Germany and Spain. They do not win funding but should benefit from international recognition linked to MIT.

FrenchWeb received them to learn more about their respective projects:

Nicolas Huchet (BionicoHand) made a hand prosthesis using “open source” technologies and 3D printing. He wins the social innovator award:

Xavier Duportet (Eligo Bioscience) has developed advanced gene editing techniques to create smart antibiotics. He wins the prize of the innovator of the year:
* The 8 other finalists of the French competition were:

  • Anaïs Barut from DAMAE Medical, who created a system to diagnose skin cancer, non-invasive, fast and painless
  • David Cohen-Tanugi from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which has developed nanoporous graphene membranes that lower the cost of seawater desalination
  • Antoine Hubert of Ynsect, whose robotic insect farm could help guarantee food security in the world
  • Romain Lacombe of Plume Labs, which is developing aopen data on air quality
  • Severin Marcombes de Lima, for its storage system accessible from any device and which does not need the cloud
  • Mathieu Nebra, from OpenClassrooms, which has created an “online” learning platform that works thanks to the mutual assistance of students
  • Julie de Pimodan of Fluicity, for its platform which allows local governments to incorporate citizen participation into their policies
  • Pierre Valade, from Sunrise, which has developed an online calendar that brings together all the calendar applications on a single platform.

© photo Une: Guillaume Le Moal, for FrenchWeb