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by bold-lichterman

Facebook donates $ 2 billion to its publishers social gaming… The 8% growth recorded by the PC video game market… The acquisition by Wizarbox Interaction Games… Discover the latest news from the video game industry this week!

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Interaction Games strengthens its positioning in serious games with the acquisition of Wizarbox

Interaction Games, a studio created in 2005 and specializing in the development of serious games, today announces that it has acquired Wizarbox after the validation by the Nanterre Commercial Court of the takeover offer for the subsidiary of the Interaction group.

Created in 2003, Wizarbox is a studio of creation of video games (Arx Fatalis) and a major player in the serious games market with achievements such as “Game Serai”, a multi-award winning game.

The Interaction Group, which also works in the e-health sector, closed at the end of 2012 a first funding round of 1M € with the investment fund NCI, Oséo and business angels, in particular to finance the development of its offers. The Wizarbox team will thus merge with that ofInteraction Games.

Also this week …

Facebook, which last year achieved nearly $ 2.8 billion in sales thanks to its online games, announced this week paying its partner publishers $ 2 billion as well as numerous figures on the importance of social gaming for the social network.

The other side of the coin for Facebook: despite the growing importance of social gaming for the social network, Zynga, publisher of the flagship game Farmville, announced last Friday that it would now be possible to access its games without going through Facebook.

If social games are on the rise, PC video games do not seem to be affected since the sector recorded an 8% growth in its total turnover in 2012 and should experience 6% annual growth until 2016 according to a recent study.

Playing hit video games directly through a web browser will soon be possible based on the agreement signed between Mozilla and Epic Games, publisher of Unreal Engine 3 (Bioshock, Mass Effect, Gears of War) for the port of the game engine on Firefox.

Finally to conclude this week, here is an infographic produced by the agency specializing in gamification and advergaming Digiworks sure the theme of gamification. A new engagement tool for brands in the face of the erosion of the impact of classic advertising messages?


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