Video games: Microsoft and Sony ready to make their show at E3

by bold-lichterman

The high mass of video games will open its doors tomorrow morning in Los Angeles. However, the American Microsoft and the Japanese Sony should lift the veil this evening, during a press conference, on their new flagship products …

Xbox One or PS4? The console war has already started! A few hours before the official kick-off of E3 2013, Microsoft and Sony will respectively try to pull out of the game, by presenting in detail the characteristics of these new consoles.

If Microsoft has already revealed the main aspects of its Xbox One, the Redmond company is especially expected on the price, which so far has not yet been revealed. The precise release date is also eagerly awaited. Presented as a real entertainment hub, the Xbox One will also make it possible to listen to music or even watch television and will be based on a voice command, specifies the daily Les Echos.

For its part, Sony has remained, until today, much more discreet about the new features that the latest generation Playstation will offer. Only a few games and the controller have already been presented.

Industry specialists expect a selling price of less than $ 400 (300 euros) for the two consoles.

Nintendo should, for its part, be absent from today’s press conferences.

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