Video boom on the web: audience and content issues

by bold-lichterman

Last January, 6 billion videos were viewed in France, an increase in video consumption of + 26.6% compared to last year. An increasingly demanding audience, Internet users now spend 58.8% more time on each video, on more connected devices: smartphones, tablets, etc.

This immense demand raises major issues of quality for the audience, and as many challenges for content editors: TV channels, video sites, etc.

This is particularly the case of the Cannes Film Festival, which broadcasts the videos of the fortnight on its website and its mobile versions via the cloud platform. from Akamai. Thus, we will be able to view both film trailers and press conferences in real time, stair climbs and in high definition on the main media: mobile terminals and tablets.

Video boom on the web audience and content issues

62% of global internet traffic will be video in 2015

Concretely, Akamai HD Network allows content to be broadcast in “http” on all possible connected devices: TV, game consoles, tablets, mobile phones, traditional computers, etc. The cloud platform is now establishing itself as a benchmark for many media players and entertainment. HD Network, belonging to SOLA media Solutions, is based on the Akamai Intelligent Platform, made up of more than 108,000 servers in 80 countries. A technological power necessary to anticipate the high traffic of video content: an estimated 62% of this traffic will be on video in 2015!

Who is the analysis of this growing audience?

The diversification of devices and the constraints linked to distribution make it more complex to retain audiences on websites. This is the case for publishers, themselves customers of the Akamai platform, who use Akamai HD Media Analytics, an audience analysis tool launched in 2009, a real customizable solution that allows users to assess the centers of interest and the level of content consumption of Internet users.

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Karl Kathuria, Head of Digital Broadcasting at BBC World Service: “ Akamai HD Media Analytics provides in-depth analysis of our live broadcast programming. We now obtain, almost in real time, an overview of our broadcasts, allowing us to assess the audience’s interest in our content.“.

Akamai also works with large chains, publishers and record companies, for whom the profitability of online content is essential. They are based on statistics from Akamai HD Media Analytics, which provide information on viewers’ interests and video consumption: abandonment rate, geographic location, audience level, average playing time and usage patterns, the number of spectators and streams seen on the various broadcasting channels, etc.

Akamai HD Media Analytics aims to address all content providers, via a range of tools that allow the audience to be monitored and analyzed in detail, and according to the devices used. It draws up clear, synthetic summaries and reports which provide information in particular on the level of video quality of the content broadcast in real time, and thus reveal the level of audience engagement.

You will find more information on the White Book from Akamai.
This study analyzes the influence of the quality of live broadcasts of 6 major sporting events on the behavior of 2 million users, located in the United States and Western Europe. Download it for free!