Viber bought by Rakuten $ 900 million for its ecosystem

by bold-lichterman

The knowledge of Viber on its 300 million users seduced the Japanese group.

vibrateLast episode of the “bought – not bought” series for Viber. While for several days rumors of a purchase by an Asian conglomerate had been issued, then denied, on all sides, the announcement is now official: the VoIP communication application has been bought by Rakuten for $ 900 million (657 million euros).

The Japanese web giant who wants to become “the world’s number 1 in Internet services” had already offered Kobo, the manufacturer of eBook readers, and the European in 2012. He now believes that Viber and its 300 million users will enable it to accelerate in this direction. But it is above all the software ecosystem and its knowledge of the members that the group wanted to acquire.

“Viber has built up a large sticker market and has enormous potential as a gaming platform. In other words, Viber understands how people want to engage and has built the only service that keeps its promises at all levels, ”says Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO of Rakuten, who believes that“ this makes Viber the platform for engagement ideal and total consumer as Rakuten seeks to bring its deep understanding of the consumer to vast new audiences ”.

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos