Via Hector: new customer relationship mediator

by bold-lichterman

Via Hector is an application allowing direct and rapid exchange between consumers and users on the one hand, and businesses and institutions on the other.

headband via Hector

Developed by the Plan Net agency, it allows you to share, in less than 30 seconds and without listening to the endless music waiting for customer services, of a mishap with a brand, a final result not up to the standard. offer or on the contrary that exceeded your expectations.

Available on iPhone and soon on Android, via Hector centralizes the addresses of customer services of nearly 16,000 companies and institutions and guarantees the anonymity of messages. Users can suggest new brands to the app, which then takes care of finding the contact details of the relevant customer service.

It remains to be seen whether companies will play the game, while close to 80% of them plan to integrate social media into their customer service strategy this year.