[Vécu] Ignored, he calls Free from his blog and created his little buzz

by bold-lichterman

“It has been 20 days since a DVD is prisoner of a Freebox Revolution”… It has now been almost 20 days that Thierry Cumps has posted daily posts similar to this one on his blog to challenge Free.

Vecu Ignored he calls Free from his blog and created

The story is anecdotal. The DVD rented by Thierry, “In the air” got stuck in the DVD player of his FreeBox Revolution. Computer scientist, Thierry however finds no way to unlock his DVD “taken hostage”. Only solution, open the FreeBox using a screwdriver, under penalty of an invoice of nearly 200 euros issued by the access provider. He therefore decides to call the hot line of Free… Unreachable on the day of the “accident”.

Once contacted, Free chooses not to send a technician “a service to which customers who have ATP are entitled” (Proximity Technical Assistance) to which Thierry is a part. Exhausted, he therefore decides to use his resources:

“It pissed me off that Free didn’t offer anything to help me out. Hence the idea of ​​using my most read blog to put pressure on Free so that they find a solution to my problem »

Thus, since September 11, Thierry Cumps has published daily on his blog posts to share the progress of the situation. Connected to social networks, he also had the idea of ​​knocking on the door of Angélique Berge, director of subscriber relations at Free, on his page Facebook to get minimal support.

Vecu Ignored he calls Free from his blog and created

From then on, Free sends an SMS to Thierry to proceed with the exchange of his FreeBox revolution, taking at the same time the famous blocked rented DVD. Our blogger therefore continues since this day to post articles where only one is written “It is now” X “days that a DVD is prisoner of a Freebox Revolution”, while waiting to receive its DVD by post. These simple titles are enough to create the “buzz” and be relayed on social networks.

Despite the extent of his approach, Thierry Cumps has still not recovered his DVD and Free has not committed to reimburse him for his rental costs … In the meantime, the computer scientist and web master has put a tape on opening the DVD player of his new Freebox so as not to repeat the experience!