Valued at $ 3.8 billion, Slack dreams of being a leader in collaborative work platforms

by bold-lichterman

The amount

Slack, the American company behind the eponymous collaborative work platform, has just raised 200 million dollars (175.8 million euros) from Thrive Capital, as the main investor, and from GGV, Comcast Ventures, Sherpa Ventures , report it Wall Sreet Journal. Accel, Index Ventures, Spark Capital and Social Capital also participated in this financing.

Last year, the company closed a funding round of $ 120 million in 2014, then $ 160 million last year. In the end, this new operation brings its valuation to 3.8 billion dollars, against 2.8 billion previously.

The concept

Slack is a collaborative work platform that relies on a messaging system – supposed to replace internal e-mail exchanges – integrating many features such as file exchange via a drag and drop system. ). The solution is compatible with platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Beyond Slack’s basic offer, users have access to an “App Directory” providing more specialized services: analysis, tools for developers, human resources, etc. In order to promote the growth of these new features, the In December 2015, the company launched an investment fund of 80 million euros which aims to acquire stakes in start-ups which develop applications for its platform.

The market

With this model, Slack, whose economic model is based on the sale of a monthly subscription for each user, would now have more than 800,000 subscribers, according to the WSJ. The company is not alone in this market, however, and must face competition from other players such as Atlassian, which publishes the HipChat platform in particular. To accelerate, this Australian company went public in New York at the end of 2015, raising more than 460 million dollars. Another major player is also interested in the professional world: Facebook, with its offer Facebook At Work (read the test).

CEO: Stewart butterfield

Creation: 2013

The head office : San Francisco (United States)

Activity: collaborative work platform

Valuation: $ 3.8 billion

Competitors: Atlassian, Facebook At Work

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