Unlocking doors, transport tickets… Apple wants to extend the NFC technology of iPhones

by bold-lichterman

Will your iPhone become even more essential? According to information obtained by The Information, with its new iOS 12 operating system, Apple is expected to expand the capabilities of iPhone NFC technology. Until now mainly confined to mobile payment via Apple Pay, it could be used for new uses such as unlocking doors, your hotel room, your car or even validating a public transport trip.

NFC technology has been present in Apple smartphones since the iPhone 6. But for the first time, the Cupertino company should give the possibility to third-party developers to access it to create new uses, even if there is no has for the moment no more details on how this will be done or if the company will favor certain partnerships.

More security

Apple is expected to present its new operating system and what’s new in NFC technology at its annual WWDC 2018 conference on June 4. Moreover, on its Cupertino campus, employees are already using their iPhone to unlock the doors.

It is also possible to unlock some smart locks with Bluetooth, but NFC technology would be more secure because it stores sensitive data on a chip that isolates its content from the operating system. This development would also allow Apple to catch up with the delay it has taken in this area compared to Android.

Moreover, from this fall, the NFC technology can be tested by Ile-de-France residents to replace the Navigo pass and metro tickets, but this is currently limited to Android smartphones.