United States: new restrictions for work visas widely used in Tech

by bold-lichterman

Donald Trump’s government on Tuesday announced new restrictions on work visas widely used in the high-tech sector, after a first round of screws in the spring. The measure targets the H-1B visas granted each year to 85,000 employees “qualified and specialized “, including many engineers, data specialists or other developers hired in Silicon Valley. This program aimed to alleviate shortages in the labor market “But has been extended well beyond, often to the detriment of American employees”, wrote the Ministry of Homeland Security in a statement.

About half a million Americans have been penalized by the device which has also led to stagnation of wages in certain sectors, the ministry continues. Less than a month before the presidential election, the Republican administration has therefore decided to publish a new, more restrictive definition of “specialized” jobs, to force companies to make “real” job offers in the United States. United States and to strengthen controls before and after the issuance of H-1B visas.

Legal action?

These new rules, the precise details of which are not yet known, will come into force 60 days after their publication, specifies the ministry which justifies the urgency of its action by the pandemic and its already devastating impact on employment in the United States. United. “Economic security is a matter of national security”, justified Minister Chad Wolf, quoted in the press release. ” We must do everything in our power to make the American worker the priority ”, he added.

The government had already decided in June to freeze the main work visas, including green cards and H-1Bs, until the end of the year and had drawn the wrath of the internet giants. A federal judge in San Francisco then ordered the suspension of some of these restrictions, ruling that the government had exceeded its authority in the matter. The new measure could also be the subject of legal action.