Understanding the podcast trend

by bold-lichterman

Matthieu Stefani is an entrepreneur, he is also the founder of Generation do it yourself podcast through which he interviews people who have launched themselves in order to understand the secrets of their success.
Matthieu is one of the people who made me want to create my own podcast, so it is natural to receive him on Vlan to discuss it with him.
I had besides myself been invited on his podcast many months ago.

Even though the podcast is 10 years old, it is discovering a new lease of life and is exploding all over the world.

Podcasts: the last space to set the tone

Understanding the podcast trend

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As Matthieu points out, podcasts were for a long time considered only as a way of replaying radio broadcasts that we may have missed live.
Only Arte has created an independent program for podcasts with really successful creations but whose distribution is limited to proprietary areas.
Like free radio in the 80s, podcasts are flourishing in France and allow new freedom and freshness of tone.
Studio 404 was one of the forerunners and other production companies like Binge or New Listenings with the famous The powder of the talented Lauren Bastide lead the way.
Moreover, with Generation XX, Rags or Change my life, women have really taken center stage in the podcasting scene in France with highly relevant content each in their fields.

Understanding the success of podcasts

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When we ask Matthieu the reason for the success of podcasts, he advances several hypotheses.
First, of course, the shared attention available.
In a world where attention is constantly stimulated, it is becoming more and more difficult to find one’s way as a content publisher but also, as a consumer, to achieve effective curation.
We have reached the point of no longer consuming long content due to zapping which becomes compulsive.
Zapping which can also be explained by the transformation of news which has become nothing but copy and paste of what press agencies produce.
For Matthieu, whose analysis I agree with, podcasts are part of the long term, a time of analysis, intelligence and knowledge.
It is also interesting to note that the vast majority of podcast listeners consume the entire podcast that they listen to whether it lasts 10 minutes or 2h30.
The different applications allow listening in several times without needing to be connected to the Internet (metro, plane, etc.).

Also, audio is a very intimate medium, as Matthieu points out, it really allows us to go further in the way of considering content.
Moreover, the media and brands are not mistaken. Les Echos have launched their podcast, Canal Plus has just launched an audio series and brands are obviously increasingly interested in this phenomenon, hence the launch of Plink.

Tips for getting started

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From there all the operational advice, Matthieu remains convinced that the most important advice is to start in one way or another.
According to him, you have to try even if it means being close and improving on the way of course.
However, there are some essential elements such as finding a theme.
In this context, it is important to know that podcasts can be very specific. For example, in the US there are several podcasts with a single subject as a television series like The Walking Deads.
Once this theme has been defined, you have to try to find topics and see if it is possible to hold up over time because, like a blog, the audience of a podcast is built over a long time.

Then, you have to understand that the sound quality is obviously essential but that, contrary to what one might think, it is not the microphones which are the most important.
Indeed, the room in which we record is the main element of sound quality. In the absence of a recording studio, it is therefore necessary to favor spaces sealed with rugs, books or other.
Note also that the more the microphone is expensive and therefore sensitive, the more the effect of the room will be felt.
Matthieu had the opportunity to write an article on the hardware and software they recommend.
I also think that we will see a lot of podcasts born in the months to come. As Matthieu points out, we are at the start of an exciting adventure.

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