Under investigation, Facebook reportedly sues EU to protect employee privacy

by bold-lichterman

Facebook disputes some of the requests of the European Commission as irrelevant and relating to the privacy of its employees, said Monday the American group which is the subject of an investigation from Brussels on possible anti-competitive practices.

The social media giant claims to cooperate with the authorities, but “The unusually broad nature of the Commission’s requests means that we should provide them with documents primarily unrelated to their investigation”, said Tim Lamb, competition lawyer at Facebook. It mentions in particular requests for “Highly sensitive personal information such as medical or financial information, and private information about the families of employees”. “We believe that such requests should be examined by European courts”, he concludes.

According to an article in Financial Times On Monday, Facebook launched a lawsuit against the European Union (EU), which the company accuses of invading the privacy of its employees. Facebook believes that these documents can only be shared if certain rules are respected, but ensures that the Commission has rejected its offers so far. The EU is investigating possible practices aimed at preventing all competition from companies like Facebook or Apple.

The European Commission is stepping up its offensives against dominant digital platforms, in a context of deadlock in international negotiations on their taxation. Facebook says it has already sent 315,000 documents related to the antitrust investigation this year, or 1.7 million pages.