UFC-Que Chooser sues Samsung for “deceptive business practices”

by bold-lichterman

The consumer defense association UFC-Que Choisir filed a complaint Thursday against the South Korean electronics giant Samsung and its French subsidiary before the Paris Judicial Court for “Deceptive marketing practices”, she announced in a statement. According to UFC, the social responsibility policy displayed by the South Korean brand on its website aimed at French consumers, in which Samsung claims “Defend responsible management” across the entire logistics chain, “Turns out to be a lark mirror”. The association relies in particular on the “overwhelming findings from NGOs and journalists ” on Samsung suppliers, making their workforce work under conditions “Inhuman”.

“Child labor and forced labor”

Among these observations, “Child labor in cobalt mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo, hellish work rates in China and suspicion of forced labor by an ethnic minority, the exposure of workers to toxic chemicals in South Korea “, she mentions. This complaint follows a first, filed in 2018 at the initiative of two NGOs, Sherpa and ActionAid-Peuples solidaires, which in April 2019 led to an indictment of the French subsidiary of Samsung for “Deceptive marketing practices”.

“It is the first time in France that it is recognized that the ethical commitments made by a company are likely to constitute commercial practices which, as such, bind their issuer”, greeted the NGOs in a press release. On its website, Samsung provides ” require “ that “International standards and regulations are applied in the field of human rights management”, according to the screenshots displayed by UFC-Que Choisir. In order to legitimize criminal proceedings in France, the NGOs Sherpa and ActionAid-Peuples solidaires considered it sufficient that the incriminated message be accessible in France and therefore to French consumers for the French courts to be competent.