UEFA to launch OTT platform

by bold-lichterman

Re-elected UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin announced on Thursday that the European Football Confederation will launch ” within six months »An Over the Top broadcasting platform (OTT, internet television services without box or antenna) on which will first be visible women’s or youth matches. ” We are fully aware that a revolution is underway in this area and we are in the process of signing historic agreements with the main companies in this sector ”, said Ceferin, re-elected Thursday at the UEFA Congress in Rome.

UEFA General Secretary Theodore Theodoridis then gave more details, citing a commissioning “in June”. ” It will be a platform where we will broadcast women’s and youth matches, as well as a lot of content related to UEFA’s history ”, he said. As for the possibility of seeing this platform broadcast high-level men’s matches, Mr Theodoridis referred to 2021 and the end of the current cycle of TV rights for club competitions.

When these rights expire, we will see with the clubs what are the possibilities to have live matches ”, he said, proposing an identical reasoning for national competitions, with an end of cycle in 2022. The OTT, or over-the-top, designates over-the-air television services and on the Internet, it is that is to say that allow you to view television programs without using a box or antenna, on smartphones, computers, tablets and certain connected televisions.