Ubisoft + Shazam + Dell Technologies = INSIDERS

by bold-lichterman

  • Vivendi blocked at the entrance to the board of directors of Ubisoft … for the moment.
  • Shazam is profitable for the first time since 2011.
  • Today’s figure: $ 1 billion less revenue for the American television industry.
  • The image of the day: the know-how to master to succeed in your digital transformation.
  • The appointment of the day: Benoît Olivain promoted to Microsoft Field Marketing Manager France at Dell Technologies.

UbisoftIt’s a small victory for Ubisoft. At the general meeting of the French video game publisher on September 29, Vivendi gave up filing a resolution to obtain a seat on the Ubisoft board of directors. Vincent Bolloré’s group had risen to 20.10% of the publisher’s capital last June, granting him 17.76% of the voting rights. Frédérique Dame (ex-Uber) and Florence Naviner (financial director of Wrigley), largely supported by Ubisoft, were finally elected independent directors. In addition, Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, was re-elected as head of the board with more than 65% of the votes.

However, the game is far from won for the company specializing in mobile games. In the wake of the general meeting, Vivendi reacted by means of a press release: “Vivendi considers that it would be good governance to be represented on the Board with regard to its stake in the company’s capital and, in the meantime, abstained from voting on the resolutions.In addition, Vincent Bolloré’s group recalled that it would benefit from a double voting right from 2017.

Rich rileyFive years later, the music recognition app Shazam returns to profit. To achieve profitability for the first time since 2011, Shazam has relied on strong growth in its user base. The service has just passed the billion downloads mark. Over the past two years, marked by losses of 26 million pounds, the service has managed to double its user base.

Shazam relied on advertising to rebalance his accounts. In this sense, the British company recently launched Shazam for Brands to directly address the advertising industry. “Shifting our business model towards advertising, reaching the breakeven point and exceeding one billion downloads are the result of the considerable efforts made by our teams.“, said Rich riley, CEO of Shazam. The app is used over 20 million times a day.

Wall of old TV screensAlmost 800,000 American households are planning to cancel their cable television subscriptions in the coming year, according to the results of a study carried out by cg42 and taken up by the Wall Street Journal. As a direct consequence of this phenomenon, the American television industry could see its revenues decrease by nearly a billion dollars in one year.

If the expected impact of this decline remains limited for professionals in the sector, it is still a warning signal to be taken into account, according to the authors of the study. By canceling their cable subscription, a consumer can save up to $ 104 per month. A weighty argument if we consider that 83% of consumers ready to cancel their subscription believe that they can access the same content as that broadcast via cable, but without paying.

** Methodology: study carried out on 1,119 American consumers.

Beyond its purely technological aspect, the digital transformation of a company implies mastering a set of know-how, which ranges from data analysis to change management, including appropriate governance. Brian Solis, in our study The 2016 State of Digital Transformation, highlights all the elements to take into account for a successful digital transformation.

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Benoît OlivainFive years after joining Dell Technologies as EMEA Partner Marketing Manager, Benoît Olivain was appointed Microsoft Field Marketing Manager France within the American firm. Previously, he worked for Avanquest and Auralog.

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