Uber offers new features to its drivers

by bold-lichterman

Uber has updated its app for drivers. The New version “Uber Partner” allows them to access more information about their activity. As soon as it opens, users can access, for example, real-time information on the city such as upcoming events, and where many people are likely to travel with an Uber vehicle.

This update also includes a “heat map” that shows drivers where they are most likely to get customers, a feature that, until now, was only available if there was an increase. sudden prices. The Californian group explains that this makes it possible to limit waste of time and fuel consumption.

The update also includes interactive graphs on driver revenue. Finally, the “ratings” section offers more information on customer reviews, and no longer a simple average on the performance of their shopping. In addition, drivers can also modify their account information directly from the application.

Uber specifies that it has worked on this update for several months based on the recommendations of the drivers.