Two smartphones under the Orange brand: “we are betting on simplicity … and our content”

by bold-lichterman

Orange will launch two models which will be available in early November. They will run on Android.

Orange will expand its range of own-brand smartphones with the arrival of two new models for the European market.


Called Yumo and Hiro, the first will be compatible with the 4G network and is aimed at the Spanish and Romanian markets, while the second, offered at a lower price for 3G compatibility only, also includes France and Slovakia in its countries. targets. “The Orange Yumo 4G smartphone will allow many of our customers to have their first 4G experience and […] Orange Hiro will offer our customers who are taking their first steps with a smartphone an exceptional experience, ”explains the company.


Both running the Jelly Bean version of Android, Yumo and Hiro will feature 5- and 4.3-inch screens and should be available in early November. “The popularity of Orange smartphones in our European markets proves that we offer phones with excellent performance and cutting edge features”.

If no final price is communicated – these will vary depending on the country – the Yumo should be marketed at 216 euros in Madrid against a little over 100 euros for the Hiro in France specifies Yves Maitre, vice-president in charge of multimedia mobile services and terminals at Orange, contacted by Frenchweb.

To face competition from traditional manufacturers in the sector who enjoy superior credibility in this area, the brand relies on simplicity as a selling point. “The two models will offer a simplified experience with two options: either full operation on Android, or a simplified Android experience,” explains Yves Maitre. “We are addressing markets where smartphone usage is still relatively low: we are therefore relying on a didactic approach to attract customers who are reluctant to switch to this type of device,” he adds.

The operator is also counting on a strategy closer to its core business, namely its services and content, in particular with its cloud solution or… all football matches in high definition on smartphones. Difficult to compete on this point.