Two European telecom operators are embarking on mobile ad blocking

by bold-lichterman

Will ad blocking software soon be installed directly at the level of telecom operators? In any case, this is what two European operators, Three UK and Three Italy, have decided, who have announced that they are working with the start-up. Shine.

Bandwidth consumption

This Israeli company is developing an ad blocking solution. But unlike the existing offers (which are mostly based on the installation of software at the level of the user’s device), Shine is added directly to the level of the telecom operator. The latter can thus determine the share that advertising represents in the bandwidth consumption of its mobile customers, and determine, in value and volume, the weight of each advertising network, details the company on its site.

“Relevant and excessive mobile ads annoy customers and affect their overall network experience,” said Tom Malleschitz, Three UK Marketing Director, in a statement. “We don’t believe customers should have to pay for data usage pulled from ads [publicitaires] mobile. The industry needs to work together to give customers the mobile ads they want and want ”.

8.8 million customers

In the United Kingdom, Three UK (currently in discussions with O2 for a possible merger) claims 8.8 million customers and more than 347 points of sale. The Three group specifies that its desire is to better protect the privacy and security of its consumers, believing that “some advertisers use mobile ads to extract and exploit customer data without their consent”.

The group’s subsidiary announces that it will provide more details on what it plans to deploy with Shine in the coming months. However, he wishes to reassure by specifying that his objective is not to “eliminate mobile advertising”, but to offer more “control” and “choice” over “what they receive”.

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