Two announcements at Apple’s WWDC 2015 that you shouldn’t miss

by bold-lichterman

We will not dwell on the fact thatApple will launch its own streaming music service at the end of June. On the other hand, here is two additional information that should not be missed during the WWDC 2015 conference dedicated to developers that the brand gave to the apple on June 8:

Another curation application …

But to stand out, Apple visibly relies on its algorithm to differentiate itself by optimizing the personalization of the flow of content offered. As always with the American brand, particular care should also be taken in the design and fluidity of the user experience. User data will not be shared with third parties, assured the brand. Data confidentiality that sets it apart from Google services. Here are the titles that have already accepted to be included in Apple’s new curation application:


>> see also the video “News content curation applications”

… and an API to change the search for information on mobile

  • The other novelty is, it, an outright declaration of war against the Google firm. The objective is to bypass the search engine by offering direct access to a search insert with a simple swipe of the screen. For this, Apple will provide developers with a new API. The contents of the various applications in which this API will have been integrated will be as many sources to feed the search results via this new functionality. This ” swapping»Marks a significant difference compared to the obligation to go through a dedicated application as is currently the case. This API is designed to be compatible with the new version of iOS 9. Publishers will thus be able to see their various contents included in a single search engine exclusively dedicated to mobile media. As for the “News” application, Apple promises to respect the confidentiality of navigation data.

The company co-founded by Steve Jobs will include other new features in its new version of iOS 9, including the addition of public transport networks to the “Maps” application. As a reminder, Apple bought Coherent Navigation in May, a start-up specializing in cartography.