Twitter paints a robot portrait of its “primary mobile users”

by bold-lichterman

Twitter has just published the results of a new study on “primary mobile users», Ie Twitter users more often connected and active from their mobiles (smartphones, tablets) than from a computer.


The study, commissioned by Twitter at Kantar Media, reveals that they are more engaged than the rest of Twitter users. They are generally younger, spend more time on the microblogging site, and tend to be more receptive to branded content than their office counterparts. Here are the five main conclusions that emerge from this study:

1. Primary mobile users spend more time on Twitter than an average user

Indeed, they are less likely to connect to Twitter via a computer but 86% of them are active on the microblogging site several times a day, from the app or the mobile site.

2. Primary mobile users tend to be younger

52% of 18-34 year olds would indeed connect more often via a mobile device than the other age categories.

3. Primary mobile users are engaged on Twitter all day

They consult Twitter when they wake up, when they go to bed, and even while on the move. The study even points out that they are more likely to use the service when they are with friends and when shopping.

4. Primary mobile users more fond of content

The study estimates that they are more likely to compose original Tweets than an average user, click on links, and retweet.

5. Primary mobile users are more committed to brands

Twitter finally states that average network users follow nearly five brands, while nearly 96% of primary mobile users follow more than 10 brands.