Twitter is cleaning up and will free up many inactive accounts

by bold-lichterman

Twitter is in the midst of its biggest inactive account cleanup campaign yet. Jack Dorsey’s network has started sending emails to affected users warning them that they need to log in by December 11 if they don’t want their account disabled. A process that was first spotted by the BBC.

The accounts concerned are those that have not logged in for more than six months. Officially for the social network, this is to remove users who do not connect and therefore cannot accept its updated privacy policies. But this will have several consequences.

What about the account of the deceased?

At first, this will free usernames. At the moment, it is not known when these will be available again after deactivation of an account but the process is expected to take several months. But be careful, you won’t have to tweet to be able to keep your account. All you have to do is connect before the deadline. Accounts that seem inactive will therefore always have their place on the social network. The bots are also not in danger of disappearing …

On the other hand, the accounts of deceased persons should be strongly affected by this deactivation campaign. Indeed, unlike Facebook, Twitter does not offer the possibility of transforming an account into a “commemoration account”. So, unless a third party has the code to log in once, it will be disabled. Moreover, this is the only option that the network offers today in the event of death. “We can work with a person authorized to act in connection with the estate, or with a person who has proven that they are a close family member, to have the deceased’s account deactivated.“. Please note that after the deadline, the deactivation process will begin with accounts located outside of the United States.

Could this have an impact on the number of followers on which Twitter communicates? A priori, no. This is perhaps also why the company does not hesitate to “clean” more deeply its network. Indeed, since June 2019, it no longer communicates on the number of active monthly users. It now takes into account only those who connect at least once a day. She calls them “monetizable daily users”. Twitter claimed 145 million in the third quarter of this year.