Twitter founders to launch Lift

by bold-lichterman

Last August, Twitter founders Tony Stubblebine and Jon Crosby announced they were working on a new start-up, dubbed Lift.

Twitter founders to launch Lift

The project was still very mysterious at the time. It now seems that this is becoming clearer, as Adrien Pepin’s blog points out, and is about to launch. Indeed, according to a recent blog post, Lift, which will take the form of an iPhone application, should be launched next August.

As Tony Stubblebine explains, Lift aims to “push the boundaries of human potential.” For this, the new project is positioned on three major axes: the quantified-self, the community and gamification.

More concretely, 1606024806 743 Twitter founders to launch Liftthe iPhone application should make it much easier for its users to achieve various goals, step by step, notably through the support of the community. These progressions would also take place thanks to “the power of habits”, by controlling and measuring them.

For now, the beta version would focus on 5 areas that relate to everyday life: health, fitness, productivity, happiness and human relations. However, the service could eventually cover many other areas.

The blog post specifies that behind this startup hides a team comprising a core of four people (Matt Matteson, Jon Crosby, Mark Hendrickson and Tony Stubblebine) as well as a battery of collaborators. A team dedicated to expanding very quickly.

Find all the information on the official Lift blog.