Twitter: 75% of advertising revenue comes from mobile but the network worsens its losses

by bold-lichterman

It is in a simple tweet that the social network announced the color for the fourth quarter of 2013: Twitter now claims 241 million monthly users, up 30% according to its own figures. And the mobile takes an increasingly important part with a growth of 37% over one year to 184 million members. In total, the timelines, the threads of tweets, were viewed 148 billion times (+ 26%) from October to November, which represents, in terms of advertising, a CPM (cost per thousand views) of $ 1.49 (+ 76% ).

However, it was in a slightly longer press release that he presented his financial results. Over the period, Jack Dorsey’s firm generated $ 243 million in revenue, up 116%, of which 220 million came from advertising – including 75% made on mobile – against 23 million from license sales. [A lire également : Facebook : le mobile représente plus de la moitié de ses revenus publicitaires]. But the firm continues to lose money and its losses have reached 645 million dollars, including 511 million in the fourth quarter alone.

With news never coming alone, Twitter also announced the launch of Twitter Data Grant, a program through which a handful of researchers and institutions will have access to public and historical data. A gold mine completed every day by 500 million new tweets.