Tristan Nitot joins Cozy Cloud: “What worries me today is the loss of control over personal data”

by bold-lichterman

“It’s been months, years even, that the subject of the control of our data in a connected world tickles me, itches me”, wrote in January Tristan Nitot on his personal blog. At 48 years old, the founder of Mozilla Europe makes his actions in favor of the preservation of personal data a priority.

“Mozilla is doing well, so is the browser market. There is healthy competition. What worries me today is the loss of control over personal data. It is still a debate of specialists, of computer scientists, and that must change ”, he confided this Wednesday to FrenchWeb.

“I want to have my hands dirty”

After leaving his operational functions at the foundation housing the famous Firefox browser last February, he announces today that he has joined the teams of the start-up Cozy Cloud. It publishes free software (open source) simply called “Cozy” allowing individuals to keep control over their personal data by hosting them on a server they know, on which they have control if necessary. Tristan Nitot has just joined as Product Director (Chief Product Officer). “I am a lazy person: to work I need something really motivating, the impression of being useful, of doing things which have an impact and which are not easy” he tells FrenchWeb to justify his choice. Before specifying:

“Mozilla is a great story, it was interesting at the beginning when it was an entrepreneurial project, but today it has grown into a medium-sized, international company. I had been at Mozilla for ages and I was less and less happy there. It didn’t suit me anymore. I want to have my hands dirty, to be in a small, united, self-motivated team, ”he confides.

Within this tight team of fourteen people, he arrives with his notoriety and his address book. His mission ? Promote the “Cozy” platform (on which applications can be grafted), find users and developers who can enrich the system by developing compatible applications.

The “Cozy” software is still in beta. Ultimately, it will include more than a dozen features allowing you to manage a personalized schedule, an address book, photos, written documents, emails, audio files, etc. All these contents can be synchronized with any terminal. Ultimately, the user will be able to make mashup of its own data.

Soon to be finished work on “Privacy and Mass Surveillance”

Founded in October 2012, the Ile-de-France start-up which publishes it is headed by Benjamin André (president) and Frank Rousseau (general manager). The software – available for download free of charge (on a server or on a computer) – will be marketed in B to B to C via partnerships with hosting companies who will thus offer a differentiating service to their customers. Discussions are underway with the northerner OVH.

For his part, Tristan Nitot is pursuing another project in parallel. He is currently finishing the writing of a book on “privacy and mass surveillance”, on which he is advancing in collaborative mode via his blog thanks to the comments made by Internet users.

“This book is almost finished, I am at the end of the third part. I still have to write the fourth part (…) It will focus on education in good “IT hygiene”, that is, how to limit the leakage of our data in our daily life. This is not an intellectual book, it is an educational book! He says.

He still hesitates between using a publisher or simply putting the work in open access as an eBook.

Netscape alumnus in the 1990s, Tristan Nitot is also a member of National Digital Council, chaired by Benoît Thieulin.

One photo credit: Robin Nitot