Tribe, the video messenger that bets on a click

by bold-lichterman

Send a video message to a recipient with a single click: this is the use that wants to popularize Tribe, a video instant messaging application. To stand out in this very competitive market (Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.), the founders of this application sought to simplify the “user experience” as much as possible. Concretely, to send a message, the user selects a recipient by clicking on his profile. At this time, a video is recorded. When he releases the pressure on the screen, the video is dispatched.

“We wanted to change the classic codes. Suddenly, this is the first application that does not have a keyboard (…). It’s fast, extremely fun and, above all, very effective on a daily basis ”, explains to Frenchweb Cyril Paglino, the co-founder. A first beta version was launched in July 2015 and already has several thousand users who have shared their feedback.

So far, the company has been backed by several investment funds, including Kima Ventures, the Xavier Niel. Before finding avenues for monetization, Tribe first wants to build its audience. But its founders are already thinking about e-commerce services or offers that could be implemented.

Interview with Cyril Paglino, co-founder of Tribe:

CEO: Cyril Paglino

The head office : San Francisco (United States)

Launch: August / September 2015 in beta version

Activity: instant messaging app

Effective : 4 people