Trackbuster, the start-up that wants to neutralize e-mail tracking

by bold-lichterman

When users receive an e-mail from an e-merchant or even a simple newsletter, there is what they see – the images, the promotions, the latest information on their customer account… -, but also what they don’t see. This is typically the case with “tracking”, Discreetly inserted into the HTML lines of the email, and invisible on the surface.

55% of emails tracked

We estimate that 55% of emails received are tracked. This is done without the knowledge of the users, because no one is really in the know», Explains to Frenchweb Florian Seroussi, who this year founded the start-up One More Company Inc, which publishes Trackbuster, which proposes to neutralize these trackers. “This is a tool that works in the background of the e-mail service being used. The user enters their address on our site and provides us with the authorization to remove trackers from their emails. Then, before receiving the emails, Trackbuster removes the trackers. The user therefore does not have to change his e-mail habits.», Explains Mr. Seroussi.

While European regulations require website publishers to inform their visitors about the use of Cookies (the famous banners that appear on a first visit), nothing is yet imposed in terms of email. These are often used to know if the recipient has opened the message (and thus calculate the opening rate of e-mailing campaigns), how long did he read it (to measure the engagement, reader’s interest …) or even its approximate geographic location.

With this data, senders have a very specific intention: to measure the effectiveness of a campaign, to know more about the recipients to improve future campaigns, to better target messages or even to do A / B testing (to know more : our dedicated article). But beyond marketing, individuals also have recourse to tracking. This is how the idea of ​​Trackbuster came to Mr. Seroussi.

Tracking, used by marketers … and by investors

Six or seven months ago, people alerted us that a large part of entrepreneurs or investors tracked emails to get clues about each other’s interest in investing and fundraising: number of reads, number of times the email has been forwarded to other people, etc.», He specifies.

Today, made up of a team of 8 people based in New York and San Francisco, mainly developers, IMAP and e-mail security specialists, Trackbuster specifies that the monetization of its offer is not yet the priority. Besides, the service is free.

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